Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who was assassinated Premakeerthi ?

BY Nirmala de Alwis 

 Back words

Author of this book Nimala  de alwis was born at Ginthota in Sothern in Sri Lanka.She studied Pushpadana girls school and St mery’s convent in Colombo. She read her Bachelor of Arts degree to Buddhist civilization From University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. Later he got postgraduate university of Buddhist and Pali in Sri Lanka. Same time, she involved to field of media and got marry, well known Sri Lankan journalist Premakeethi de Alwis.
She had  talents write short stories and lyrics when she was child. She submitted scripts Sri Lanka broadcasting corporation since long time.  As well as she  got an opportunity to join as a permanent staff member in Sri Lanka broadcasting corporation later.
She mentions  this work is sprits of her life. It is looks like an aesthetic story. But it touches and feels our hearts in era. Using tatents, Knowledge, experience ,Investigation and research  she is telling truth full evidences  about case of  murder about  Premakeethi de Alwis  .

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